Raul Sanchez - Module 4

Image of My Model



For this exercise I started by creating the surface based on the assignment from Module 3. To modify the adaptive panels I had to start with the panelization (U and V values), to later on create different boolean masks. For this example I created boolean masks based on the Z value and filter them; the user is allowed to play with the parameter values, colors and "true/false" functions of the boolean mask to modify the panels.

For this specific assignment the colors were later switched to resemble an image. With the file path code an image was chosen to extract the pixel colors and used them in the structure. By creating the GetItemAtIndex code and a list of the original colors and , transposed colors, reversed colors, and both (reversed and transposed), the user is allowed to flip, reverse or both, the colors of the structure. The user can also flip the panels, regardless of its colors.

The parameters of the panels can also be modified based on colors. The effects of embossed or debossed are given with the code of Color Brightness. By rearranging the range of min and max to 0 to 1, adding or substracting to that value (based on the desired effect) and setting a parameter, in this case the height of the panel, the structure can be modified linked to its changes in color. A list was also created with GetItemAtIndex to be able to choose between embossed or debossed.