Antonin Brun

Module 3 - Give me a shelter


For this project, I decided to create some sort of a bus stop shelter. My goal for this assignment was to create a parametric structure that would mimic a wave breaking on the shore. I wanted the design to be modelled by mathematical functions, and be easily sizeable (i.e. height, number of waves, number of beams, horizontal and vertical projection of the wave, etc.). For that, I would prompt the user’s input to modify the structure as they wish. A detailed explanation of my modelling approach is described in the next part.


Shelter modelled in Revit

Modelling approach:

The following steps describe my modelling approach for this assignment.

Step 1: Gather user input and start creating guides for the structure

Step 2: Create the guides for the structure (continued)

Step 3: Create the wire structure and place beams

Step 4: Define the panels