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Module 3 - Give Me Shelter
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For this assignment, I designed a covered walkway with a curvy shape to provide a sense of movement.

For the modelling part, I started with one base line as one of the edges of the walkway. Then, I duplicated this base line three times to create the edge on the other side as well as the edges on top. With the implementatin of integer slider, the width, length and, height of the walkway can be altered easily. Then, I extracted certain number of points on the edges and added parametric flexibility to those points by applying a sine wave function in both y and z directions. The number of points, which is also the number of ribes, can be altered with the interger slider. What is more, the sine wave shape can also be modified by changing the number of waves or wave amplitude. Then, I created a surface as the cover for the walkway by using the curves on edges. With Lunchox in Dynamo, I was able to divide this surface into multiple quadrangular panels to apply adaptive compoennts. The numbers of panels is determined by the divisions in the surface in U and V direction, which can be easily modified with the slider.

After comleteing the Dynamo model, I attached adpative components to the model to finish the model in Revit. Specifically, I applied rectangular panels with sizable opening to top surface as the roof of the cover and beams with two adpative points on sides as supports. The size of the panel opening and beam diameter can be easily changed in Dynamo.