Point of View Statements

Best POV:

[Minimum Wage Miranda] needs [cheap, green power generation] because [she has a low income but wants to work towards a sustainable future]

Point of View Statement 1

[Green Gary] needs [an effective green energy solution] because [he wants to sustainable provide for his grandkids and is personally interested in sustainability]

Point of View Statement 2

[Materialistic Mark] needs [a cheaper alternative for his home and business’ power generation] because [he is interested in monetary efficiency]

Point of View Statement 3

[Normal Nancy] needs [a product(green or not)] because [she has a task to complete with efficiency]

Point of View Statement 4

[Minimum Wage Miranda] needs [a product (preferably green) that won't take a lot of time or money] because [she's busy and on the poverty line but wants to preserve nature]