How might we... (Eco Emily)?

Emily, with low self-esteem issues, needs to feel like she is making a positive impact in the world because she feels as though she does not fit into society unless she has a purpose.

Ideate to come up with questions that explore different strategies for meeting this need.


The point here is to use divergent thinking to explore the widest range of potential strategies before converging a specific strategy to develop in detail.

  • How might we provide more easy options to people who want to make an impact?
  • How might we make people with self esteem feel better about themselves?
  • How might we give people who want to better the world more chances to do so?
  • How might we use people's environmental passion to sell the product?
  • How might we encourage more people to support sustainable products?
  • How might we make low self esteem a motivator instead of an inhibitor?
  • How might we make a product that helps engage people's need to help?
  • How might we make it okay to not have a purpose?
  • How might we boost self-esteem? HMW help people fit into society? HMW make a positive impact on the world?