Interview 6

Who Did You Interview?

Student, mastering in Chemical Engineering

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • Female
  • 23 years old
  • Lives in a large and busy city

Key Findings from the Interview

  • How would you describe a sustainable energy product?

In her eyes, it is any product that can potentially replace energy systems that continuously damage the environment, and thus positively contributes to the well being of our planet. Whether it's a simple product like a solar phone charger or a complex product like photovoltaic panels, she explains how essential it is that each step taken in the design process actually maximizes the product's sustainability, starting from the production processes, to consumer use, and reaching end use.

  • How do you think the consumer end use of an energy product can be sustainable?

She explains that the best way to ensure the sustainable disposal of the product is through company programs that encourage the return of such technologies in order to reuse the digital components. However, since the idea of such programs is still new and not very common, a second best option would be donating the product to people who desire such technologies but may not afford them. She also adds that if the product isn't in its best condition, considering it as E-waste and recycling it would be ideal.

  • Do you use renewable energy sources to fulfill your energy demands in a sustainable way?

She confirms that she has been trying to shift her household to one that mostly depends on renewable energy. She took the first step around 2 years ago when she installed solar panels to her roof and now most of the electricity used for cooling, heating, and lightening comes from clean energy, to the extent that she even noticed a decrease in her energy bill! She is currently playing with the thought of purchasing a hybrid or electrical car to increase her positive contribution to the environment.