Our Testing Plan

Testing Priorities

What service or app features will be most helpful to get feedback on?

  • How appealing the point/honor system is — decide how points should be awarded to restaurants, or if they would prefer an alternative incentive
  • Transportation — should food be transported via ubereats, lyft, or other tranposrtatiuon businesses, or transported from a restaurant employee, or a charity food truck
  • Advertisement rankings — do restaurants believe it is fair
  • App displays quantities of food left and provides a menu for customers — how accurate it is, and how reliable the online menu is if updated instantly by another customer who orders the same dish

Testing Strategy

What is the best way for us to get useful feedback for each of these features? What does a useful feedback look like?

Ask a customer how easy it is to maneuver around the app, and if it user friendly
Ask a local charity organizer how effective foods are transported
Ask a restaurant owner how easily food is sold this way, and if packaged food is charity ready or customer ready
Ask a user if they would prefer to order from our app or go eat at a restaurant in person, and why