Testing Session Notes

  1. Anna
    1. Described the app well,
    2. understood how it works
    3. easiness rating: 4
    4. sharing rating: 5
  2. Coco
    1. thinks that one would go into the neighbourhood and collect waste rather than in your own home.
    2. asks about the house and bricks - thinks its a cool concept
    3. how do you earn money?
    4. liked the interface and the app, the two portals or buttons were confusing - readjust the home page
    5. the incentives add to it
    6. suggested that some people might want to have other types of waste included
    7. waste: are there other types of plastics
    8. easiness rating: 4-5
    9. sharing rating: 5
    10. functionality rating: 4
  3. Cecilia
    • initial impressions: waste pick up stands outs, track your build initial confusing, and questioned your money section
    • interested in the bricks and asked a number of questions on it - Dymas explained this
    • pick up questions: collection inside the home (you have to be home?) or on the side of the side?
    • concern: would you have to drive a lot around for the plastic collection
    • track the build animation
    • information on the pickup
    • sharing rating: 5
    • functionality rating: 4

  1. Kelly
    1. initial impressions: looked through all the screens first, make sure people know where their waste goes.
    2. add a back button or home button on the base,
    3. reconfigure the home page with just notifications
    4. the waste collection seems limited - increase amount for easier
    5. brick questions: what are the bricks? - add a little more info on what they are (pop out comment on final design)
    6. money questions: how do the earnings work? where does the service/apps get money from?
    7. if it cost money people might not use it, think more about how it'll turn into a profitable business - local government, not-for-profit organisation
  2. Yi-Lin
    1. initial impression: convenience? what differs us from the other group?
    2. waste pick up - asked about what waste is collected and where the pick up is?
    3. track the build: clear up this page for easier understanding, likes the idea of making the bricks
    4. callout and outline incentives to why people want to use the service
    5. world map or real-time camera on the builds
    6. put more info on the bricks and the results of using the service
    7. use the main page to emphasize the impacts from your services