Composite Character Profiles

Perceptive Annissa

  • 21 years old living in Indonesia
  • Local farmer planting algae
  • Her village is at constant risk of being flooded in the upcoming years
  • Inherently thinks about sustainability because she is immediately affected
  • She cares deeply about her family to have a safe home in the future

Dramatic Dacci

  • Early 40s, lives in Japan
  • Experienced Fukushima disaster, including the earthquake and tsunami first-hand
  • Is constantly experiencing damages to his house due to the Japan natural disasters
  • Wants to live in Japan safely while not being prone to these disasters

Thor god of Investment

  • 50 years old living in Oslo
  • Self-made millionaire from real estate
  • Wants to invest in futuristic large-scale solutions in real estate
  • Wants to tackle sustainability and combine it with real estate