Test 4: Open a Cloud Revit Model within Revit


In this test, you'll open a shared Cloud Revit model from within the Revit application.

Steps to Follow

  1. Accept the Email Invitation to the Shared BIM 360 Project
    • Before you can complete this test, you must:
      • Send Renate and the course assistants your Autodesk ID to get invited to the shared project on BIM 360.
      • Accept the email invitation from Autodesk to join the BIM 360 project.
  2. Confirm That You Can Open the Shared Project in the BIM 360 Web Interface
    • Use your web browser to open the BIM 360 web interface at: https://docs.b360.autodesk.com
    • Login with your Autodesk ID.
    • Open the CEE 222 - Global AEC Testing 2021 project.
    • Navigate into the Project Files folder and confirm that you can see this Cloud Revit model in the list: Arch_Model v2021.rvt
    • Close the BIM 360 web interface.
  3. Open the Cloud Revit Model from the Revit application.
    • Open the Revit 2021 application.
    • Important: Sign in to the BIM 360 Cloud services using your Autodesk ID by choosing Sign In from the Account menu at the upper right corner of the Revit application window.
    • On the Revit Home screen, click the BIM 360 link in the navigation bar at the left side of the screen.
    • When you click the BIM 360 link, the right side of the screen should display:
      • A pull-down menu at the top of the screen which includes the projects that you are a member of.
      • A list of the folders and files contained within the selected project. At the top level, this list includes folders named Plans and Project Files.
      • If the BIM 360 link doesn't appear on your Revit Home screen, or if CEE 222 - Global AEC Testing 2021 project doesn't appear in the pull-down menu of projects, please email the course assistants to get your Autodesk ID added to the BIM 360 project.
  4. Click on the Project Files folder to open it, then send a screenshot to the course teaching assistants showing the right panel with the CEE 222 - Global AEC Testing 2021 project folder visible in it.

What's Next

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